Maximat Plus komplekt

Fast and simple restorations thanks to the ergonomic tensioning instrument!

Maximat Plus is the universal system by Polydentia for tightening steel or transparent plastic matrices in the posterior region. Thanks to Maximat Plus, conventional retainers are no longer needed.


The procedure is very simple and quick: the matrix, once positioned on the tooth, can be tightened with just one hand. After fixing the matrix in place, the tightening instrument can be removed. Furthermore, during treatment, only the spool remains in the mouth, ensuring better visibility of the area during filling and light curing. Maximat Plus eliminates the leverage effect and consequent distortion of the approximal surfaces that come with conventional retainers, thus allowing the restoration of a precise and anatomically correct contact point. The fixing instrument, made of high tech polymers and stainless steel, is able to withstand temperatures of above 134 °C, which permits autoclaving.

Maximat Plus was positively reviewed in the revered American magazine “The Dental Advisor”, which judged the product as being very good.

1Xinstrument matriitside kinnitamiseks, autoklaavitav + 10Xkontureeritud 0,04mm metallmatriitsi poolil(5Xpremolaari (5.5mm) ja 5Xmolaari (6.3mm)matriitsi) + 10XTofflemire matriitsi 0,025mm microthin premolaarile 5.5 mm + 10XTofflemire matriitsi 0,025mm



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