V3 pintsetid

Spetsiaalsed V3 toodete haaramiseks

Pin-Tweezers make placement and removal of Triodent matrices and wedges a cinch. The tweezers’ positive mechanical connection ensures secure handling and the grip is exceptionally strong.

Cross-over action
Passively hold wedges and matrices
Powerful grip
Simplify placement and removal
Gold tip for pin location
Ball tip for burnishing

With the tab bent at a contra-angle, placing a Triodent matrix is easy with the Pin-Tweezers, as is removal using the holes in the matrix’s sides to wiggle it out. The pin also fits the ‘bolt-hole’ in the Triodent wedges, again making placement and removal safe and simple.

The exceptional grip of Pin-Tweezers makes them a great tool for picking up and holding materials e.g. articulating paper and cotton wool rolls. The tweezers are also handy in surgery e.g. for holding a gingival flap.

Spetsiaalsed V3 toodete haaramiseks



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